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World's Best Parks: Millennium Park, Chicago, USA

Millennium Park is perhaps the most visited place in the city of Chicago, equally beloved by residents and tourists alike. The secret to the park's popularity lies in its diversity, its landscaping, its abundance of unusual and attractive art objects, and its many free events. Millennium Park was laid out in 1997 on the grounds of a railroad depot and parking lots сколько стоит экскурсия на останкинскую башню. Remarkably, all of these technical sites were not destroyed, but were moved underground and are now directly underneath the park. The construction, which lasted a full seven years, was funded by the city and private donations.

The main attraction of the park are the famous Crown Fountains. On the two 15-meter glass towers appear interactive images of the inhabitants of the city. Regular park visitors know: when faces start making funny faces (and it happens every 5 minutes), those who want to stay dry should step away - because jets of warm water are about to shoot out of their lips!

No less popular is the Cloud Gate sculpture. This 110-ton "beanbag" (as Chicagoans affectionately call it) is made of steel plates polished to a mirror shine. The plates reflect skyscrapers, the sky above the city and, of course, people passing by. Under the arch of the "beanpole," you can very easily lose your orientation in space.

The classic Millenium Monument is an exact replica of the peristyle (a space surrounded by columns) which was in the same location from 1917-1953. On the pedestal of the fountain located here are inscribed the names of all those who donated money to build the monument.

It is in Millennium Park that the outdoor stage, rightly recognized as the best in the United States, is located. Above the stage is a roof in the form of stainless steel fluttering cloths. There's a 4,000-seat auditorium in front of it, and behind it is a green lawn that can seat another 7,000 people. 

The park regularly hosts concerts, music and culinary festivals, there is a theater and a contemporary art exhibition, and during the season there is a free outdoor skating rink. The park's garden is divided into two sections: a dark section, made up of plants that love shade, and a lighter section that features shrubs and flowers that love the sun's rays. This division symbolizes the difficult history of the city's survival and its prosperous bright future. For the people of Chicago, Millennium Park is a slice of that bright future that has arrived in the city today.